Avi Caplan is a 22 year old Canadian producer, audio-editor, and guitarist from Montreal, QC.

Avi first garnered attention in 2018 with his production for Budman, whose album "Don't Worry About It" secured the #13 spot on iTunes Canada's hip-hop chart. The same year, Avi's collaborative beats with Jonas Langer were picked up by several major lo-fi hip-hop youtube playlists, and have since been played over 3 million times. Last year, Avi focused on expanding his sonic pallet and musical skill set. Along with Budman's "Winter Appreciation EP", Avi began editing and producing music for Behind the Founder Podcast with Jonathan Margel, a sports and entrepreneurship show. In 2021, Avi is proud to be joining Karen Farbridge for her second season of Promethea Rising, a podcast promoting energy conscious communities. He hopes to complete his own debut project, and will be releasing several collaborative projects with the PMR Ska Society, Maya Caplan, and others in the year to come.